Begin Again

I’m starting to feel really antsy and unaccomplished, therefore, I know it’s nearing the end of the summer. Summer is healthy for me. I practically live at the beach, read about as much as I breathe, watch pointless shows, listen to really loud country music, and more importantly; don’t correct a single paper. But lately … More Begin Again

All My Life

I’ve always been jealous of people who can remember their dreams. If I wake up with a start then sometimes I can; a jumbled mix of the previous days events with flowers and sunshine, crocodiles, or a character from whatever book or movie I saw that day. Sometimes I have nightmares, and those are hard … More All My Life


I’ve never been great at hiding my feelings. I wear my heart on my sleeve, my facial reactions give everything away, the tone of my voice sells me out. But that’s as far as it goes for me. I won’t tell someone what I think or how I feel unless it’s really strong. Unless I … More Noise

Wala, You’re Cured

Sometimes I wish that I could map out my own life. Sit down with a piece of paper and chart out when and where main events of my life will take place, where I’ll live, all the people I’ll love. People say that they can choose their own fate, make their own decisions, choose where … More Wala, You’re Cured


I don’t understand people who willingly choose to live a life of constant misery. “This guy is horrible to me, he makes me feel like I’m nothing.” But yet they don’t leave, they let it happen, day after day they stay. “I hate my job,” your friend tells you every time you see them. But … More Atelophobia